Winston Churchill Never Said That (& Other Problems Liberals Have)

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Consider this image for a moment:

It’s a nice sentiment. It furthers the liberal narrative. The problem is, Churchill never said it. It took me 10 seconds to learn this

While I share beliefs* with a majority of left-leaning Americans, I hate being on the side of those willing to overlook truth, or bend truth, just to suit a narrative. 

Even amidst dreams and hope, the left's strongest allies have always been truth and thoughtfulness -- and the strength those values provide. These days, the left is acting no better than the right did during the Obama years, indulging conspiracy theories and half-truths to further a narrative. It is, after all, nicer to believe something that supports an agenda than it is to believe something damaging. But in pushing a narrative one way or another, in the absence of proof, we abandon values. We become no better than those that perpetuated the Obama-Birther claims. Examples like the Churchill quote seem like no big deal, but it in fact damages our collective ability to reason. In constant practice we will become no less zealous than those we bemoan.

Of course, I would love to believe some of the theories going around -- we all would. Trump leaked his own tax return, the travel ban is only a distraction, Trump is intentionally inciting protests to cause “resistance fatigue,” etc. But wanting to believe something for the sake of comfort, narrative, or personal agenda, is dangerous because it makes the next lie easier to believe. While diligence with what we post and share is important, it is equally important to practice diligence in our own ability to perceive, lest we fall into the trap of apophenia.

Consider: how often has Trump opened his mouth (or Twitter) to claim a falsehood just to drive a narrative and to rial up constituents? How can we expect to prevail if we’re no better? You might be thinking, “We have to fight fire with fire.” But, we won’t prevail through hypocrisy. 

Some of you might be saying, “Yeah, but that Churchill meme is just for fun,” or “It helps morale.” Point taken. But, if Churchill didn’t say it, that makes it propaganda -- the strongest cog in the machine of political narrative. No civilization or movement has ever prevailed by standing beholden to propaganda, because the lies propaganda stands on always crumble. Rather, we must stand beholden to the one immutable concept that will maintain good, and ultimately allow us to find foundation and strength in the chaos of the Trump administration.

That concept is truth.

*Individuals should be able to marry who they want and use the bathrooms they deem appropriate; health care should be affordable (or free) for all Americans; college should be free or affordable; in general, fortunate people should help those struggling.

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