On Humanity

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Wickedness and evil are unfortunately parts of our existence. We live in a world where conscience can be maligned and underdeveloped, where people can be brainwashed to hate, and where mental illnesses allow people to carry out unthinkable acts.

We watch horrors on the news and think, “Humanity is really fucked up.”

But, it isn’t. Humanity is never the culprit.

Humanity is what drove hundreds of people in Boston today back to the scene of the explosions to help total strangers. It is what makes us consider our choices thoughtfully even when rage and fear would have us simply react. It is what allows us to laugh in dark times, and cry in good times. It is what allows us to forgive despite our need for revenge. It is what allows us to love after heartbreak. It is what allows us to feel safe in someone’s arms. It is the collective need to reassure ourselves that both the pains and joys of life will not be endured and experienced alone.

Despite our sometimes selfish and greedy ways, our compassion and need for love maintain inside all of us a reverence for life. To observe a tragedy of unthinkable stupidity and callousness – like the bombings today in Boston – and to remark that “humanity is horrible” is to mar not only the good in the world, but the good in your own heart. While it is understandable to be cynical in these times, and to blame humanity for such acts, it is simply inaccurate. Were it not for our humanity we would have died off long ago, having literally destroyed one another. Despite the efforts of some, this has not come to pass. We endure wickedness and unthinkable acts because the base nature of existence is good. We know that to traverse this life without the warmth of others is not an option for any of us – no matter how disparaging we may feel in the wake of the horrible things people sometimes do.

When innocent people are hurt or killed we quite naturally have negative thoughts, because that could have been us that was hurt and/or killed, and we feel a piece of our safety chip away. We want answers, and we want someone to blame. As of this writing there are no suspects, so quite naturally Humanity as a whole is shouldering the ire of the people. I urge everyone to be more thoughtful in their reactions to the occurrences today. There is far too much good in the world to allow ourselves to react without reflection and conscience. I will not say that wickedness didn't land a punch today – as wickedness sometimes does. But, the function of humanity is to prevail and endure. It is an act that we, as people, have always undertaken together despite the acts of the misguided and thoughtless.


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