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I am not one for New Year’s resolutions. I find them arbitrary. Though I do admit a new year comes with a sense of refreshing. It is like a weekend, giving us a chance to breathe and reassess before Monday. But, my new year doesn’t start on January 1st. My new year began this past Wednesday, after two years in a career. It is a strange thing to say “career,” because until two years ago I only had “jobs.” Now I have a skill set that allows for a livelihood, doing something I love. Before then I was just a fat guy, with no direction, save the dreams of what I assume many must have, which I have been fortunate enough to make a reality. I owe a great deal of this transformation to a very good friend – though, he would never take credit. While many of the strides came by my own hand, he is humble in the fact that if it were not for him I may still be a fat bastard, dreaming on a couch. I owe him more than I can currently accommodate.

I know where I want to go, though not by detail. I still dream my way through things. I have found that it is important to do so. Our subconscious guides us; we need only pay attention and act accordingly. And onto our dreams we must attach plausibility. And when the plausibility is a stretch we must break down our goals to the individual beats in the rhythm of our lives. To achieve X we must sometimes go through the rest of the alphabet. But, in breaking it down, our goals become manageable. It takes patience and passion. Without passion – that is, without true wanting – the journey is fucked from the start.

At every weekend in our lives we see the end of our forthcoming toil, we see the horizon. It may be the following Saturday afternoon, wherein we plan to put our hands to good use. It may simply be to install new brakes and rotors on our car, without any prior knowledge on how to do so. But, on that hazy horizontal line in the distance we mark the X of our plan. There are those of us that are headstrong, and ask for no help. There are those of us that wait for it. Help is a requirement in life – be it financially, emotionally, or by opportunity. A great deal of our fortunes in this life will be stumbled upon. In understanding that in those moments and chances we gain the power to change our lives for the better, that in seizing those opportunities we can harness our dreams and churn them into reality, every hour in our day gains purpose beyond survival. Life does not get better than that. It starts with dreaming. But then you must mark the horizon with an X and be prepared to get there, no matter how many letters of the alphabet must first be passed.


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