Photography (Part One)

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I miss photography, but I don’t know all the technical stuff. I never did. I know what I’ve learned through observing the photographers and cinematographers I enjoy. But, I am no Ansel Adams or Roger Deakins, and don’t always have the means (or know-how) to mess with aperture, or to light shots/scenes to their fullest potential. So, I focus primarily on shot composition. I don’t always hit the mark. Sometimes I do.

Sometimes I think I think a shot sucks only to find out later the shot was pretty good. Sometimes I think a shot is perfect and then I see it later and know it’s lousy.

Today my friend Katelyn over at Ninth & Bird asked me to assist her in a project. She made a few dresses from scratch and wanted me to take some pictures of her wearing them. We went to an alley behind her building, a few nearby shops, another alley, etc. We spent only a few hours taking pictures, trying different things (of course indulging in some obligatory shots). We brainstormed as we shot, using the environment around us to inspire poses and composition. We tried whatever came to mind. The camera we used only allowed us to do certain things. Selective focus was not an option.

We both have our own vision of things (we have learned as much at our day job, where we have recently begun collaborating on a video series), but we work really well together. Amazingly, she was very receptive to my advice, considering my complete lack of fashion knowledge (my fashion education is limited to seasons 1 & 2 of Project Runway), and we worked everything out as a team. She trusted me to take useable photographs. I trusted she knew what dresses were supposed to look like. After all, what the hell do I know about dresses? (But, I’m glad she didn’t wear a belt with the white dress, which I assume she’s saving for the next post.)

Not all the images are great. Some just missed the mark. But, here are some good ones. I'll probably add some more as Katelyn makes them available.

Click the composite below to see the the images at full size...


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